"To wander is to be alive" - Roman Payne

Newcastle. What can I say? Quite an incredible place. They say the Geordies have the friendliest nature and best accent in Britain. While I love the accent, and while I know that when I phone any customer service line and hear a Geordie accent, I feel instantly assured I'll receive a cracking service; Newcastle for us was a mixed bag. We met friendly, welcoming people, and well... a couple of people who let the side down.

But let's focus on the above quote. People seem to get obsessed with visiting the same places over and over. Maybe it's the sense of security in the familiar. I know the feeling. But when you reach out, take that gamble and explore, it's incredible what you can find. This doesn't end geographically, it extends to people too. Such a diverse range of characters and personalities, and the world has so much to explore. If you are willing to do so.

Newcastle was certainly abundant in personality: from the shopkeepers who wanted me to photograph them, to that regular in the pub who shouted at us for taking his favourite table; there are a lot of interesting characters to take in in 10 hours.

Here are a few highlights...

All in all, random exploration paid off, and as time goes on, and Tenth Floor Photography grows, I am learning more and more that adventure is key, and Newcastle proved that for me. I actually managed to get a few good photos, so stay tuned to the catalogue for the final edits.