TFP.AV - Lauren McMillan, The Model

“Love of beauty is taste; the creation of beauty is art”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

From the foundations and building of Tenth Floor Photography, I had played around with the idea of needing a model that myself and the other photographers could use.

Naturally, when building a business while working full time, this is hardly the top of your priority list. There’s all sorts of other stuff to think about, like your logo, the set up, accounts, marketing etc.

Still, saying that, I had been keeping my eye out. You know, just in case. To be honest it wasn’t high on the agenda and so I would swan about on my break at work just thinking, maybe her, oh maybe her. Nothing really happened with it. Upon quitting my full time job in finance admin, something needed to happen.

I was working part time in Doctor’s Bar. That shut at either 12 or 1AM, giving me time to nip out to Opium nightclub on my search.

Now, I had NO IDEA how to approach this. I knew I wanted a model with presence, beauty, confidence and character. But how was I supposed to approach the subject?

I spent so many nights there, pure lurking about on my own. You know, one of those men you see alone in a club and you wonder what they are doing or thinking. Have his friends all left? Or has he actively come here alone? Yeah, mine was the latter.

Then I saw Lauren. Piercing blue eyes, confidence, good looks and presence. So I’m stood there with no plan as to speak to a lass and say, ‘here, you fancy being a model?’. It took me the best part of 30 minutes and a few vodkas. She was with a friend, dancing away. I’m absolutely bricking it.

Think about it. A seedy nightclub. Going up to someone and saying, ‘Wanna be a model hen?”

I calmed myself, thought the corridor was the best place for this potentially sordid transaction of trade was to take place in. So I finished my drink, approached her and said I needed a word outside. She agreed. Phase one of the ‘interview’ complete.

Then I explained who I was, and what I did, and what I wanted to offer. I remember thinking, ‘Dave, make it legit, the business card’, so I handed her one of those.

I made a rapid exit after this, cringing beyond words, all the way home.

Miraculously, she emailed me back a couple of days later.

BOOM. There’s our Tenth Floor Model.

Since then, I have not regretted my choice one bit. Lauren is exactly what I was looking for. Sense of humour, presence and a natural ability to pose. And beauty of course. Just look at her recent shoot which will be showcased at the Boda Bar, Leith this Friday along with our other artists.