- MAX PAYNE, 2001

Settling down for the Christmas season, the Tenth Floor Team haven’t been as busy as usual, but we did recently host 2 exhibitions. The most recent being “Noir”.

I gave the team a brief of black and white, but could use selective colour if they desired.

Because of personal commitments, the only people that could make it were Christina, Grant and myself, so in order to fill the space I had to create extra work; as did we all.

Due to the success of our last exhibition, the heat was on. Unlike our last exhibition, “No Man’s Land”, we opted for frames and posters to lead people to our website, and also just looked more ‘Noir’, using only black and white frames.

The opening was great fun, although I felt a little ill so had to leave early, which sucks.

We look forward to more in 2019, however, and moving on to bigger things as we approach our third year.

I apologise for the terrible photos of the photos to come, but it’s really about the art in itself. My mini home studio has taken a battering with taking these shots, my cat, and clutter in general. Here are the highlights from ‘Noir’…

These images were taken by me (when the mini studio was fine!) In the first images, I filled an old vase I’d used previously with water and dropped ink and a rose petal into it. I had to be super quick to avoid my own reflection and also to make sure the rose petals didn’t rise to the surface!!

The one on the left represents my late mother, Glenda, who I lost very young, and the other is for Christina’s mother, who also passed away too soon.

The next is called ‘Palpitations’ and focuses around panic. That cymbal was a gift to me from the drummer of Peter Hook and the Light, and I was looking more into how to represent anxiety, and the pounding of the heart. I woke up one morning and looked at that. Done.

The third selection of 3 glasses involved ink also. Black ink initially, then grey, diluting the solution, and I cropped it so that the glass appear to be rising in each frame. But still a little unsteady. I named this one simply ‘+-’.

I wanted to signify that life is never just up. It can come down at times. Those 3 photos can be re-arranged if hung on a wall to your liking.

All in all, ‘Noir’ was good fun, and effort was through the roof from the three of us!

I can’t speak for meaning behind the others’ work, you’ll have to contact us below for that! But here are the other highlights…



Well, they are the highlights of ‘Noir’. Please stay tuned for more work, blogs and sales from the Tenth Floor.

- TFP.David Gulliver