TFP.V - MacTallica, Gig Photography

Recently we have been getting into more gig photography on the Tenth Floor. A Scottish Metallica tribute band named MacTallica invited us along to capture a gig in Dunfermline. I selected TFPS.Shirley Simpson for the job. So off we went to Dunfermline.

I had never been there before. I expected to arrive to Tesco Metros, Greggs, Starbucks, and similarly insufferable establishments, but much to our surprise, despite the station being named 'Dunfermline Town', we arrived in the middle of housing.

We thought, cool, we're on this, it's 2018: "Shirley, get out Google Maps"

It's that moment when there's no 4G, but H+ that you think, 'oh fuck'.

The map got so confused, it was like it actually wanted us to be slaughtered in a park in Fife. It was leading us round in circles and the electronic woman just kept on with the same patter, "Turn right onto West something Drive". It was pissing rain, and we knew we had told Mactallica we would be there by 5.30, so time is running out by this point.

On the way we asked several people, 'where is PJ Molloys?'. No one knew. But then we saw a pizza delivery guy. Surely he must know. Nope, he had no signal either, I said, "Shirley, we are truly in the outer reaches of civilisation here". Just as we started planning our rationing, with thoughts of cannibalism racing through our brains, the electronic map woman kicks in and we're on course. That little blue arrow guiding us to where we might be safe; where people know how to make fire and understand how to use a cash machine.

Eventually, we arrive to the warmth of PJ Molloys. Everyone was just setting up, thank God we had time to set up too, because that place was about to blow up.

We decided to go for a slightly low shutter speed and bounce flash in the hope we could get the trails, motion and smoke and capture the atmosphere. MacTallica were supported by Talk of the Devil - Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads Tribute.

They ROCKED! The energy they provided was second to none, and the performance was superb! We are looking forward to going to see them again, and hopefully get some more photos of them next time. We hope that they will invite us to capture some more for them.

After a short break, some beer and a drop in blood pressure, it was time for MacTallica!! I had already heard about these guys, and as a Metallica fan, I was so excited. They certainly didn't disappoint.

I was totally focused and knew exactly what I wanted to capture, but I was also mindful that Shirley was still learning, and I kept an eye on her the whole time in case she needed any help.

She ended up absolutley nailing it!

Here are some of the shots of this incredible event, black and white first of course:

The place was jumping. Luckily, people kept their distance from the stage, and this allowed for us to move around quite freely. We take turns to swap sides of the stage, and this means we don't miss anything.

There were times I did just have to stop and enjoy the music, because I was too aware that I was missing out!

We continued, and powered through the desire to pack away the cameras and go mental with the crowd. Here are the colour shots:

These guys blew us away! It's so much easier to take better photos when you are in the moment, and these photos demonstrate the atmosphere and energy MacTallica showed us.

All of a sudden the difficult lighting situation disappears and you realise, I'm combining my two favourite things; music and photography! It really was truly a pleasure, from two hugely talented bands.

Please check out MacTallica and Talk of the Devil, as they are greatly talented, and it's a superb night out, even if you're bending into unnatural positions to get the perfect shot.

After the adrenaline so ruthlessley injected into my veins by both bands, it was time to go home. We made our way through Middle Earth to the train station. Turns out, there had been an incident on the train tracks. No trains running. Fun times.

So there's me and Shirley, standed in Dunfermline. We found oursleves speaking to people in a similar situation, and so we became a group of 8. Obviously with one absolute arsehole who doesn't seem to understand most things. They agreed to call taxis for us. This took over an hour because apparently the horse and carts were all full. When they eventually got an electronic motor wagon to us, (known as a car), it was a six seater. Guess what happens? The team we had assembled leaves us, including the arsehole.

So it's just me and Shirley. The last chopper from Saigon had left.

Well, it gave us time to explore the building and just play around I guess. Check out this bad ass control room we came across:


In a weird way it kind of topped off an awesome night.

I look forward to meeting the bands again, and I hope they hire us for future events!

TFP.David Gulliver