Earlier in the week, TFPS.Shirley Simpson and TFPJ.Jamie Strathearn and I went on a Tenth Floor adventure to Ballantine's Foundry in Bo'Ness.

We were hesitant at first. After a while, it turned out - the staff were pretty cool about it. So we explored the driveway. We didn't want to overstep by actually entering the buildings.

This was ideal for me, because I was shooting for a new project on anger, and although I wasn't inside, we could see the ruggedness of industry.

It really was a great place, and I could tell Shirley was in her element, as this is exactly her theme.

It was so bizarre having Jamie there. I've never actually seen a videographer in action before, but from what I've seen, he nailed it! The light and shadows were superb. Look out for our new YouTube Channel in the very near future.

During our hour or so there, I was shooting for both the anger project, and also for black and white. Like Shirley, industrial areas fascinate me, and I couldn't help but try and capture the grit and dirt of it all.

After we left, I calmed a bit and realised just how beautiful the day was. It's been a long time since I've seen light quite like it, and the town is stunning too. Time to have fun with some standard photos, and relax.

Photography addiction is a problem. While we should have been sitting taking it all in and chatting shit, the three of us are endlessly snapping or filming away. To be fair to Jamie, I guess he needs some footage to bulk up the video blog, but me and Shirley are activley taking photos of a subject we couldn't care less about and bores us. We should have been sitting with a couple of cans. It's bizarre. Manic Photography Disorder aside, it was stunning.

It was an odd shoot. I had mentally prepared for the anger project, while trying to act normally around my colleagues, end up in a foundry's driveway, but then plunged into the beauty of Bo'Ness and relaxed instantly.

I'm still going through a lot of the photos, but keep an eye out for my forthcoming project on Anger. To see more projects, click here.

Here's a sneak preview:

Anger will be released at 17.00 on 23/03/2018

TFP.David Gulliver