New to 2018, Tenth Floor Photography have been offering bands our services. We have had the pleasure of meeting so many great people, and we have had so much fun in the first quarter of this new service!

On March 31st, myself and TFPS.Shirley Simpson heading to Glasgow for TALK OF THE DEVIL! They are an Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads Tribute. To say I was excited was an understatement. Just before that, we photographed Mactallica, Scotland's leading Metallica Tribute band, and Talk of the Devil were supporting. We got a couple of shots, but I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to really focus on them at a seperate gig.

We arrived at Ivory Blacks and my heart instantly sunk. One look at the lighting and, oh fuck. They were still setting up, and I was asking people about it. It looked like we were going to have the biggest challenge ever, so we got to taking our practice shots. This would be our downfall.

I soon realised that there was nothing we could do to capture the Tenth Floor style without aiming the flash directly at the artists. As we all know, this eliminates the atmoshere, it gets rid of the lighting and smoke and you are just left with a super crisp still photo, like you get when you're taking photos of your pals in a nightclub.

We couldn't be having that, we want motion blur, we want action! So, after RELENTLESS fidgeting with the flash exposure and camera settings, we got there, and it was time to enjoy the gig, and Talk of the Devil.


These guys are FANTASTIC! You know how hard it is to dance and take photos at the same time? In the most difficult lighting you've ever been in? It's awesome!! Me and Shirley did the usual routine of swapping sides and shooting away. I was on 24mm and she was on 50mm.


The cameras performed excellently, and we were able to get what we wanted in focus without eliminating motion. With the review screens on cameras, it's not all that easy to see if it's worked properly, then you have the dreaded wait to get home and stick them on the big screen. Especially in this light I was really worried, but I was happy with the atmosphere we captured.

Those of you who are fans of the Tenth Floor will know that we are in our element when it comes to atmosphere. We are always trying to push the boundaries and see what we can come up with. I learned so much from this gig, and I was exhausted after it.

Remember I mentioned earlier that the test shots would be our downfall? Well, just as Talk of the Devil finished, both flash units failed. Ugh. No spare batteries. Talk of the Devil were playing with Hellbent Forever; A Judas Priest tribute act. Unfortunately we couldn't get shots of them. I briefly set up my tripod at the end of the stage, but the movement was too much without flash. Also we were just so tired.

I hope I can get the opportunity to shoot a gig for them in the future. So we headed to get back to Edinburgh. Not before a chat with the band and the lads from MacTallica!! Great to see them again.

The first three gigs we have done over the last 3 months have really tested my ability and are by far my favourite type of photography when it comes to events. I hope to see Talk of the Devil again soon, and would like to thank them for having us along.

TFP.David Gulliver