TFP.AF - Expression

"Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it's not random."

- Ken Robinson

Ever just wanted to explode? Ever just wanted to scream in public? Ever wanted to smash something?

That's what creative outlet can achieve without dying, getting arrested, or damaging property. The thing is, it's easier to do the former than actually working hard at showing the world what you are trying to say through photography - or art in general. That's why we have to live amongst insufferable arseholes: chanting at the football, shouting at women, women falling over drunk in their heels, unpaid taxi fairs, domestic violence, power hungry bosses, and WHSmith prices.

Not everyone is naturally creative, but don't hate or be angry. Don't beat your wife; make a fucking macaroni picture covered in glitter instead if you have to. Then beat the shit out of that.

For me I have, like a lot of others, a lot of pent up frustration and anger. Instead of kicking off at a self service checkout for giving me £10.95 all in change - mostly in silver coins - I take photos. Aggresively.

For the last ten years I have had a huge project in mind. There are even echos of it in sketchbooks dating back to 2005. In fact, the top half of the Tenth Floor Photography logo relates to it, and is tattooed to me in three different places.

My struggle has been how to let something so big out. I can release the pressure in bits, but how do I open the valve completely?

Much like preparing for a painting, or series of, I have discoved that studies and tests are key. Even in photography. Much like a sketchbook, it will take planning and thinking to achieve the final result. I also need to think about an audience for something this big, and so a public exhibition is essential.

The project will be in three sections, all with different styles, along with written work about each. the first is to do with people coming and going from your life. I used our model Lauren for tests on this:


I need to know what I want each section to look like, so different styles and editing is vital. Poor Lauren might end up the sheer display of my creative outlet in the first part, and the photos may be a lot more gritty than these test shots!


In terms of photography, my biggest strengths lie in urban decay and black and white. This will need to be incorporated into this project. I used editing techniques that reflect my drawing style.



Part three is going to be perhaps the most important part of releasing everything. I knew that I would have to go fully technical with this. Why not see if I can turn stone into glass using the camera alone. A lot of effort and researching something almost no one has done before in this way, but I got there. Now that I know how to do it, it will be a valued skill in the future.

These are my 'sketches', these are what have kept me going through creativity. Everyone needs an outpour. Everyone should step outside their day to day life to show the world what they have to say. My advanced higher art teacher said that she knew I had a lot to 'announce to the world'. Naturally we didn't really get along. Most of the time. But everyone has the ability to throw anxiety, worry, grief, or even happiness into something the audience can relate to.

I hope to have this project finished mid-summer so stay tuned.