TFP.AR - Photowalks

Along with our new lessons product, Tenth Floor Photography are also offering photowalks throughout Edinburgh's famous Fringe Festival.

Now, I sat and thought, 'I'm hardly an entertainer'. How can I pull this off?

On the countless amounts of photoshoots I've been on, I've been described as mysterious, stealthy, subdued, quiet and, maybe, a little away with it. But that's my job. Although photographers may seem a little in your face at times, usually you shouldn't even notice we are there, and so those terms are actually complimentary. How sad...

Anyway, I struggled to think about how to go about it. See, I have no problem talking in front of people, and training my own team is never an issue; but strangers. They're gonna think I'm odd. Surely.

I had to practise. So I offered a free photowalk and sent out the invite on Facebook. I got a pretty good response, and obviously the team wanted in on the action as well, which helped the numbers considerably.

So there's me, up at 3am the night before planning what I'm gonna say, how to direct people, and where to go and what to say. I thought I was set.

The day hits and I headed to meet the group at Greyfriar's Bobby. I gathered them and let them all know what was happening and we embarked upon our journey.


I had overlooked one thing. The team are there. Shirley, Grant and Christina are seasoned photographers. I've been on 75 photoshoots to date, and so they just go at it like it's a standard shoot. Going missing, running around, and they don't need any help. I tried to create meeting points, but everyone was everywhere. The people who had not been on a walk before were understandably keeping with me, but the rest were really going at it.

I soon slipped into the same pattern and forgot the script completely. I did at least tell people where we heading at times, and due to the awful weather we had to make a detour.

What should have been a practice run simply turned into a standard Tenth Floor Shoot, with added guests.

Saying that, I learned a lot and know that the upcoming photowalks will be incredible, and so the test was well worth it and I had a great time. After the shoot I asked everyone to send their  best photos. (rules were a little different for the team).

Here they are, (without Linda Grey, who's photos will be developed through our methods and posted as a featured photographer.)