TFP.BC - Family Unit

“In the end, all you can hope for is the love you’ve felt to equal the pain you’ve gone through”


I recently found myself thinking about the times I was studying sculpture. So I decided to go ahead and make one.

I’ve had an illness in the family recently, and so I thought I would base it around that. With limited resources (and energy) I took to collecting used ice lolly sticks.

I placed them in polystyrene; In an assorted way.

I then went on to drip ink onto the piece to portray family struggles.

The hard part is that I had to capture all of these in absolute pitch black. So to realign the camera or change settings, I had to fumble around for the light switch. It was a sore one, lying on my side for so long.

The whole concept focuses on different family members, their views and differences.

As always, they are for sale, and by all means purchase any if you please, especially if you can relate to the concept described above.