Do you want to know how the Tenth Floor team take the photos they do?

Have you always wanted to take photography a bit more seriously outside of the selfie world we live in?

Well you have come to the right place.

Tenth Floor Photography offer lessons to help you to improve your skills.

Most of our team have had no formal training but have achieved so much through our guidance.

We have a camera for you to use at each session, (only available for ONE trainee) so if you don't have your own, don't worry! Just bring yourself!

We offer:

  • How to compose and choose your subject

  • Camera settings to achieve the best results

  • Shooting in full manual mode and semi manual modes

  • How to optimise your landscape, architecture, portrait and street photography

  • Printed guidance and projects to work on between sessions or even after only one

  • Promotion of work through the Tenth Floor website and social media

  • A question and answer service

Sessions are based in Edinburgh and last for 2 hours. You will be taken around the city and will explore all aspects of photographic styles and will be taught to think differently about your subjects and learn to truly express yourself

Sessions start at 12pm in Edinburgh's Old Town at a place of your choice where we will go over the basic camera settings, followed by a photoshoot where we will explore the city and cover different areas to bring out the very best in your photography. We are available all week

Sessions cost £60 and can include up to 3 people, meaning it can be a fun day out for couples, or your friends

We can guarantee results after only one session!

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